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Cherokee vs Luscious Lee

Here once again is a pairing of your favorite rivals, tough little LEE and big bad CHEROKEE! And the good news, it's not just ONE fall, but THREE exciting falls with these gals who could be as much at home on a fashion runway as they are in the wrestling ring!

Tall and tanned Cherokee is an absolute knockout in her sparkling one-piece wrestling outfit, and Lee iss equally stunning in snug purple. But there the fashion show ends, as these competitors begin to pull out all the stops in their best 2 out of 3 fall war. Legs and arms will certainly be the targets of this fall, and a cruel bow and arrow submission brings it to a merciful end... until the next fall, of course!

Now we're into the second fall, and once again these two stunning beauties attack with savage abandon, punishing each other's arms and legs. Lee manages to lock on some powerful scissors on her opponent's shapely form, one even torturing with brunette with a full-nelson courtesy of a pair of powerful blonde LEGS! Cherokee won't put up with that for long though, and comes back to Lee with more torturous arm holds. A pin finish saves the match for a final fall.

Opening the third fall, both girls are clearly winded, but that won't stop them from putting their last energies into trying to put their opponent down. Lots of amazing tricks and treats, until one girl is put away with a unique and inescapable sleeper hold!

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