DVD054 SLAM! BAM! Boxer vs Wrestler

DVD054 SLAM! BAM! Boxer vs Wrestler

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Becca vs Lee
Anybody old enough to remember the big pay-per-view where Muhammad Ali fought Antoni Inoki? Well these girls may not have QUITE the international recognition, but we'll almost guarantee you'll find the action more interesting!

It's big bad BECCA as the wrestler, fittingly dressed in the black garb of a classic heel. And over in the punching corner, it's little LUSCIOUS LEE, who always enjoys putting the gloves to her former mentor.

This match just keeps going, each girl trying to gain a victory anyway they can. You'll see wrestling, you'll see boxing, you'll see plain old brawling, until the last few minutes of the match, Becca has ripped the gloves off the blonde, and it's a bare-knuckled KNOCKOUT ending. Oh, and it takes more than one punch to end the match, as one gal gets a rugged corner beating, even getting dragged back to her feet until one last fierce blow sends her sprawling, totally unconscious, to the mat!


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