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Cherokee vs Brandi Alexander

When a pair of drop-dead gorgeous brunettes get into the ring, the first thing that comes to mind is "this outta be GOOD!" Only thing is, it's not good, it's GREAT.

Brandi Alexander's return to the ThunderGirls ring generated some grudging respect all around, with one notable and mutual exception: Brandi and Cherokee. Cherokee didn't like her status as big bad brunette being threatened by the veteran Brandi, and Brandi quickly picked up on Cherokee's attitude and was ready, willing, and able to give it back with interest. To Cherokee's credit, she recognized Brandi as her superior in wrestling knowledge - but reasoned that for Brandi to apply holds from her vast arsenal, she had to be able to use her hands and arms. So Cherokee's strategy was to tie up Brandi's arms, a strategy she began early in the match... a strategy she kept on Brandi... a strategy that seemed to work! Brandi was indeed caught off guard, and for a time it seemed like the ring-saavy veteran was even panicking at the abuse being put on her arms. But of course, this IS Brandi Alexander we're talking about, so she indeed escapes Cherokee's powerful clutches and manages to more than get her licks in.

A match this mean just couldn't end in an ordinary way - this comes down to a test of strength and wills, and the finish is an absolutely beautiful abdominal stretch submission.

Diana vs Becca

If there are two girls in our talented group that have worked each other more than the others, hands down it's DIANA and BECCA. This translates into a lot of things... they know each other's strengths, their weaknesses, they know how to put on a fantastic match, even having worked several live shows. But Becca's thinking is that Diana's brief absence may have dulled Diana's wrestling expertise, and plans on a major attack to put the dynamic blonde down and KEEP her down.

As you watch this action-packed match the minutes will virtually FLY by as you view scissors, arm and leg holds galore! And Becca pulls out all the stops to work over Diana as mercilessly has she ever has! You won't find a pinfall finish here... when these old rivals reunite, there's NO WAY someone's leaving the ring without yielding to the other!

Diana vs Lee & Rouge

Okay, this is our story, and we're stickin' to it...

A long time fan of womens' wrestling asked if he could book a special handicap style match. Well, as far as we're concerned, ANY TIME you put two girls against one, it's a pretty special match! But he wanted DIANA to take on ROUGE and LEE in a single fall match, no referee.

Okay, when you leave the ref out of the mix, you're stirring in a significant helping of mayhem. But, we believe in letting the girls decide their fate. So we put the idea of a handicap match to Diana, and she was confident she'd do well. THEN we told her who her opponents were, and her face lit up like a kid at Christmas. She was like SO into the idea of trashing the "baby ThunderGirls." So the deal was signed and here we are now!


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