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Something must have raised the ire of a certain knockout brunette from the French Quarter. We may never know what set her off; what we DO know is just before Christmas last year we got a challenge from Brandi Alexander. She had been watching our website and wanted to take on the "so-called Thundergirls... ALL of them!" Well, Becca had faced her before, as had Luscious Lee. Rouge is good, but perhaps still a bit too green to put her in against one of the best in the business. Cherokee... well, it was time to see if she was REALLY as big & bad as she thought she was. So the girls agreed, and we even assigned Rouge the daunting task of refereeing the whole affair. The date was set, and on the 24th of January 2004, Brandi Alexander stepped into the ring against the ThunderGirls.

Match # 1: BECCA
We admit it... we're biased. Brandi Alexander and our own Rowdy Redhead are probably our two favorite wrestlers. Sultry brunette vs fiery redhead... it's a match that could headline any card. Becca & Brandi have had their share of ring clashes, and for a time it looked as though they had settled their differences. But over time Brandi had become more brooding, more menacing, more distant. Becca knew she'd have to stay sharp against her old foe.

Match # 2: LEE
Lee will be the first to admit she was a bit intimidated by Brandi when she first met her a few years ago. And she be the first to remind you that WAS a few years ago! Times have changed, and life has thrown some experiences at the luscious little blonde, and Becca's rigorous training has added quite a bit of confidence to Lee's character. And a little cockiness, too. This match has more pin attempts than a visually impaired seamstress. Brandi ALWAYS brings new tricks with her, but Lee surprised even us with some skills Brandi didn't remember the little Thundergirl having! An amazing pin finish makes this one of the best Theater matches you're liable to see this year!

Match # 3: CHEROKEE
This is one of those matches you think you'll only DREAM of. Two beautiful brunettes, tough mean and sexy, in opposite corners of the ring. But isn't a dream, and it happened right here in the ThunderGirls Gym! Clearly Brandi vastly overwhelms Cherokee in training. But Cherokee has a powerful distaste of losing, and she'll do anything she can to make sure that doesn't happen! It's a match that's JUST as powerful as it sounds, and even with a ref to "keep it clean," you may challenge the ref's ruling on the winning pin. It's a match that screams "rematch," and guess what boys and girls... the REMATCH is already lined up!


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