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Rouge Vs Lee
Once again we left our battling beauties to their own devices, and they came up with this fun and exciting PIN! 2 WIN feature.

It's ROUGE vs LEE, in cute 2-piece suits, bare-legs and bare feet. They got at each other with only one purpose in mind, and that is to genuinely pin their opponent. Not as easy as it sounds!

This isn't a work, our little ThunderGirls are trying to win the match for real, most pins in a 20 minute time limit takes the victory (We edited out some of their "rest" scenes to give you most of the action!).

Lee & Rouge Vs Cherokee
We told you there would be three of these extra-cool handicap matches, but what we didn't realize was that they would get better and better.

At the risk of spoiling it for you if you haven't seen the first two, at this point the score is tied, one to one, with Cherokee having soundly thrashed the little Thundergirls Lee and Rouge in their first encounter, "Double Dealing." Then the dynamic duo came back hard and heavy on powerful Cherokee, and managed not only to beat Cherokee, but forced a lengthy submission out of her as well. That's got to have left a scar on the big brunette's psyche, eh?

So here we are in the tie breaker to break all ties, as both sides have something to prove. It's a fabulous submission bout, that leaves NO doubt who's won this 2 out of 3 series.

Cherokee vs Becca
So just what DOES happen when an IRRESISTIBLE force meets and IMMOVEABLE object?

Okay, here's where we get honest with you. As the "PT BARNUM" of professional wrestling once decreed, this is "wrestling entertainment" (thus sparing himself and his company a lot of taxing and regulations). So SURE, our girls put on good shows. But, as we've done with features such as "PIN! 2 WIN" there are going to be times we'll let the girls sort of go at it, blending what they know of professional wrestling styles with an honest attempt to gain a victory.

And it ain't that easy.

So here's what we came up with. We got LEE to come in and referee. Her instructions: call it by the rules. No hair, no ropes, 5 count break. Count a solid 3-count pin, and ask for the submission. IF a girl manages to restrain her opponent by any two limbs, including head, give her a 10 count to get out of the hold. If she can't get out, award the fall as a technical submission. (And doesn't LEE look nice in her ref's outfit, hmmm?) The girl who won the most falls in fifteen minutes would be the winner.

Everyone always seems to enjoy Cherokee and Becca working a match. And with good reason. Big girls don't cry... they threaten!

Spoiler Alert: To see how this match ends, highlight the hidden text below!

At the 15 minute mark, with not a single fall awarded, LEE warned the girls they only had five more minutes before she would call the match a draw, unless someone pulled a victory out of a hat. And five minutes later, the bell closed the match without declaring a winner, though one lady almost got herself disqualified!


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