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Match # 1 Two-Piece Punishment: Diana Vs Lee

Though our battling blondes show more than their share of wrestling skill, it's impossible for these two to tangle without a bit of brawling. Diana tries to wear Lee down by throwing her all over the ring; Lee's choice of weapons seems to be kicking and punching Diana's stomach and ribs.

There's a lot of other action in this match too... ankle locks, body slams, legdrops, scissors, surboards and even a little hairpulling and some choking on the ropes! The match runs all three falls, with two submissions and a classic straddle pin. It's filmed without breaks; the girls seem to enjoy throwing out taunts to their beaten opponent after each fall.

Match # 2 Small Packages: Rouge Vs Lee

It had to happen, and were we ever looking forward to it! Former baby-face LEE wasn't a BIT happy aobut sweet ROUGE possibly taking her place! Though most redheads make Becca bristle; in an odd way she's taken to Rouge, referring to her as "Little Red," which makes Lee even LESS happy about the situation.

Anyway, Lee challenges Rouge and "Little Red" doesn't back down. Knowing how Lee can be when she's fired up, Diana even offers to referee. The girls agreed.

This is a dynamite match-up, two girls almost identical in size, but with polarized personalities. Lee is the obvious agressor here, but Rouge was taught by "Big Red," so she expects she'll have to mix it up a bit, and she gives Lee about as good as she gets. Lee is set on getting a submission out of her rival, and Rouge is JUST as set on not giving up.

Match # 3 Sudden Impact: Diana Vs Cherokee

You can always expect a wild match when DIANA and CHEROKEE square off. Their chemistry is unlike any other pairing. It's not that they don't like each other, nor do they have a particular rivalry (that we KNOW of). It's just as though deep down in their genetic pattern they were MEANT to battle each other.

It's a one fall match, with each Battling Beauty opting for 2 piece outfits, but they go after each other like they were wearing army gear. Diana knows it's Cherokee's legs that are her greatest asset, so she stays on those lengthy limbs, twisting, turning, and doing any damage she can to keep Cherokee out of the fight.


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