DVD194 Taeler Made Thunder

DVD194 Taeler Made Thunder

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Taeler is beautiful.
Taeler is smart.
Taeler is funny.

Taeler is... a wrestler?

Yes she is, and a GOOD one at that! Sure, we tend to judge people by their looks - not that there aren't some beautiful women in wrestling - but Taeler Hendrix, well... you'd think she was a model, or a starlet, or a singer. But a wrestler she is, as you'll find out in her three matches here.

First Taeler takes on her mentor, Josie. This gorgeous woman knows wrestling, classic literature, international cooking - AND her bourbons! Black or white, wrestling needs MORE women like Josie.Her match with Taeler is one of testing - it's technical and each woman exhibits her skill and knowledge of offense and defense. Taeler holds her own! But of course there can only be one winner, and the loser must submit to a painful submission hold.

Then she takes on another tough beauty, Nevaeh. Unknown to Taeler, Nevaeh is at a slight disadvantage - she's got years more experience, but she's got a severe muscle strain that could level the playing field. It all comes down to a "Stone Cold" stunner, which leaves a lovely lady easy prey for a pin.

Perhaps saving the best for last, Taeler has it out with our old friend Hellena Heavenly. Hellena is a one-of-a-kind wrestler. A quirky sense of humor, a fondness for old (and sometimes bad movies) but even when she's trying to distract her opponents with her wild chatter, she's constantly looking for the move that will gain her the advantage and make her opponent think twice before entering the ring. A pin finish takes the bout... but ONLY after Hellena has to deal with some outside interference from Heather Owens!

Which brings us to our bonus match - Hellena ends up accepting a challenge from Heather (who's been chasing her for a match anyway). Hellena insists that it's a SUBMISSIONS ONLY match, and she's not letting Heather out of the ring until she not only SUBMITS, but APOLOGIZES for interfering with her match!

Run time of about 42 minutes.

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