DVD172 Bikini Bash 4

DVD172 Bikini Bash 4

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Three new bouts of two-piece punishment!

BIKINI WARS 2: Match 1:
AJ Sparx vs Jenelle Sinclair

Here we've got arm holds, surfboards, body and headscissors, corner beat-downs, rope tactics, a cool bear hug, and a great impact finisher leaving a gal easy to pin.

BIKINI WARS 2: Match 2:
Sin-D vs Jenelle Sinclair

Sin-D takes quick charge of the match, but Jenelle is having NONE of that, and stuns her foe with a head slam to the turnbuckle, then works her busty opponent in a body scissors with those AMAZING legs! Sin-D won't be on the receiving end for long, and uses the ropes to take some of the fight out of Ms Sinclair. A lengthy and punishing figure-four leglock threatens to take the match, as each girl works it to their advantage until the hold is broken. A standing leg-choke puts a gal out for good! An amazing match between two amazing gals.

AJ Sparx vs Sin-D

A real treat for us as we'd NEVER seen these gals go at each other before. These gals want to PIN each other, but they're also going to cause some PAIN in the process!

NTSC DVD • About 47 Minutes


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