DVD171 From Start To Punish

DVD171 From Start To Punish

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Jenelle may soon be gone, but she WON'T be soon forgotten! Especially by those who witness this incredible beating she takes at the hands (and feet) of Hellena Heavenly!

The bout opens following each girl to the ring, in shimmering ring jackets harkening back to some really great times for fans of female wrestling. Each girl in turn removes their jacket before proceeding to a lengthy test of strength.

Next a trainer's bag of holds follow: ankle lock, bearhug, boston crab, body scissors, keester bounce, surfboard, kneeling abstretch, and finally a figure four submission! And that's just part one...

Part two features surfboard, step-over-toe, leg spread (amazing!), abdominal stretch, full-nelson, tombstone piledriver, bow and arrow, nerve pinch submission.

NTSC DVD • About 30 Minutes


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