DVD170 A Deal's A Deal

DVD170 A Deal's A Deal

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A Fantasy Scenario introduces this set of four matches featuring Luscious Lee, Brooke, and Jazmyn.

Here Brooke and Jazmyn are wrestling newbies, in awe of the reputation and skill of Luscious Lee, and show up to introduce themselves to their idol, with the hope they will get a chance to wrestle her.

Their proposal is that Lee take them on each in singles matches, and a handicapped match. If they haven't won at least ONE match by then, they want Lee to take them on simultaneously, all three in the match at the same time. If they still can't beat her, they agree to voluntarily let Lee knock them out and take photos for her website.

Lee is amused by the girls' offer and agrees, fully planning to wipe the mat up with them.

Match one is Lee taking on Jazmyn, and there's a pin finish!

In match two it's Brooke's turn. Lee is just warmed up, and treats Brooke to claw holds and choking, but Brooke comes back with powerful body scissors. At one point it looks like Brooke may go out from a sleeper hold but manages to fight out of it. A 3-count pin finish.

The single bouts are over, and now Lee faces pretty young Brooke and Jazmyn in handicap format. The girls are supposed to stay out of the ring unless they're tagged in but you know how that goes. The match continues up the 10 minute time limit.

Match four is a two-on-one, Lee is double-teamed throughout the match, since the girls don't have to tag out. Even so, Lee fights back and wears her opponents down. They insist on a submission from the blonde, who completely refuses. Lee actually holds out so long the punishing pair run out of steam and can't go any more.

NTSC DVD • About 60 Minutes


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