DVD163 ThunderGirls Theater Volume 27

DVD163 ThunderGirls Theater Volume 27

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ThunderGirls presents

It's always a great treat to offer BOXING action. The girls are truly GORGEOUS, and they're TOUGH, too, putting 110% on the line to prove just HOW tough their fists (and their BODIES) can really be. Here we present five great ladies in five great matches, including:

Box Out: Becca vs Luscious Lee
Our boxing fans tell us they really like to see KNOCKOUTS. So our gals, always anxious to please, pull on the gloves and deliver not ONE, not TWO, but SEVEN knockouts for you. Not taped as a whole match as such, but rather each "round" gives lots of punching (and oh how Lee DOES like going after Becca's chest) as a set up for a knockout.

Glove Hurts: Luscious Lee vs Brooke
It's been a few months since Lee and Brooke have faced each other, and a boxing match seemed a good way to celebrate their reunion. As always, no rules or referee to get in the way, no rounds so slow down the action. Some fast fists and vicious body blows from both girls keep the action flying until the final 10-count KNOCKOUT.

Gorgeous Boxing Girls: Nevaeh vs Ashley Lane
Still smarting from her series of KO's from "NOTHING BUT KNOCKOUTS," a boxing challenge is issued... and accepted! This brief bout features 3 rounds of boxing, each round ending in a KNOCKOUT!

About 36 Minutes


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