DVD151 Exquisite Thunder 3

DVD151 Exquisite Thunder 3

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A remarkable mix of New Thunder wrestling!

SHOWOFFS features two delicious and destructive gals, ASHLEY LANE vs JENELLE SINCLAIR! Their talent equals their beauty, and after some exciting exchange of holds one gal secures victory with a figure-four leglock.

PERFECT PROS aptly describes SIN-D and HELLENA HEAVENLY, in a one-fall match that ends in what could have been a standing dragon sleeper, but the battling beauty chose to submit rather than be knocked out.

In this wrestling themed skit "THE BABYSITTER," Jenelle Sinclair portrays a young woman who earns extra "off the books" cash by babysitting for the families in the neighborhood. Hellena Heavenly portrays an adventurous mom who seeks to seduce the babysitter. Jenelle will only agree if Hellena can make her submit using only wrestling holds.

NTSC DVD • About 45 Minutes


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