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Once upon a time there was BECCA and LEE... and that was IT! The tape masters of these tapes are long gone, no longer in our hands and virtually worn out by the client who comissioned them. But we hung on to our copies, perhaps anticipating the day we could create digital masters. And in only two day's time, and some painstaking editing to get them all to fit on ONE DVD, they're ready, our very FIRST THREE custom matches.

The search for talented ladies was a slow one, but fortunately we started with some pretty talented ladies to begin with. And to overcome a modest budget, we started out offering BECCA and LEE's participation in custom matches. Those very FIRST custom bouts, filmed on VHS, are available EXCLUSIVELY on this DVD. The quality is excellent; perhaps nearly as good as VHS dubs from the master tape. And on the sturdier DVD format, you can watch them over and over with no fear of wearing out YOUR copy.

"Brutal Bikini Brawlers"
To this day, still a popular match that we're often asked about, and the forerunner of the BIKINI BRAWLERS series. No matter how good things have gotten since then, these two gals punishing each other before they knew how to flip or do other fancy pro moves is still a great watch.

WIth guest ref LORI trying to keep things straight, it's a 5-fall sleeper brawl. Becca and Lee at their best, even all that long ago.

"Boston Crab Domination"
This remains a excellent tape, as the girls worked it shortly after they began training with LEXIE FYFE. You'll see both some of the innocence and style. Leg bending, ankle twisting, toe biting... great action all around! It's a 3 out of five fall match that goes the distance. You've got to see Lee's legs bent so far back her feet almost touch her head!

A DVD exclusive!


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