DVD149 ThunderGirls LIVE

DVD149 ThunderGirls LIVE

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The past lives again in these three great LIVE matches featuring Becca and Diana entertaining our North Carolina fans.

First the pair show off in Wilkesboro, at the Cinco de Mayo festivale. The weather was NOT cooperative, and though the rain had stopped the ring was still SOAKED, and soon so were their suits! YOU try wrestling in wet 55 degree weather, and you'll appreciate how dedicated our girls are.

Then the girls wrestle a semi-main event in nearby Elkin, and though Disco Inferno was on hand for the main event, it was our gals everyone left the building talking about.

Finally we visit Mayberry... uh, Mt. Airy (sorry, folks around here get them confused) and our ThunderGirls wrestled a hard match... on a hard mat too! You think all wrestling rings are padded? Depends on if you think two layers of plywood and a one of carpet qualifies, then sure!

As we tried to respect the audience view, a lot of the footage is filmed from outside the ropes rather than our usual "you're in the ring" perspective, so keep this in mind as you order. This is why we've given it a somewhat lower price point than DVDs of similar length. BUT... we think you'll find this trio of matches an exciting view, as well as part of the great history that is THUNDERGIRLS!

NTSC DVD • About 50 Minutes


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