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This is one of the most unique, intense matches we've ever done... a NEARLY AN HOUR'S battle with seemingly endless knockouts, until one girl can no longer continue.

The girls enter the ring ready for a brawl... low-cut hip hugger jeans, and fists taped. BECCA has never come across meaner, and the action starts to fly almost as soon as the tape begins. Within moments, the girls have ripped away T-shirts leaving them to finish the battle in bra and jeans. As the fight continues, both combatants faces bloody; their faces and bodies bruise. It's a match worthy of its title.

This match may not be for everyone. Don't expect fair fighting, and don't expect wrestling expertise. This is a slugging match as much as anything else.

INTENSITY is ready for you... are YOU ready for INTENSITY?

About 60 Minutes


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