DVD141 Big Trouble for Little Lee

DVD141 Big Trouble for Little Lee

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Fans who enjoy seeing our Luscious Lee get squashed... here you go! Best two out of three falls... poor Lee!

The decision was that it would be a "pins only" match. But Becca realized that didn't prevent her from wrestling Lee into painful submission holds. Becca pours on the pressure as Lee wails pitifully, crying her surrender, but Becca taunts her with the reminder that it's only pins that can end the fall. To accent her wicked plan, Becca wore black net hose, and Lee was the perfect innocent in a colorful two piece outfit and white boots.

Here Becca is at her ruthless best, flipping, hammering and twisting the small blonde without remorse. Lee makes a brief comeback, but it took all her remaining strength, leaving her defenseless against Becca's further attacks. The redhead applies back and belly torture to her blonde victim, and delights in Lee's squeals. Becca even takes one fall with a lethal tombstone piledriver, something Lee was certainly not expecting, and ill equipped to ward off!

About 40 Minutes


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