Wrestling Queen (VHS)

Wrestling Queen (VHS)

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Possibly one of the first documentaries on professional wrestling, "Wrestling Queen" focuses primarly on the famous Vachon family of wrestlers, in particular one of the most beautiful ladies ever to step into the ring, Vivian Vachon. Vivian Vachon was one of thirteen children, and followed in the bootsteps of those who became professional wrestlers. This feature follows her on tour, providing insight into her family history, by way of interviews with her relatives, fans, other wrestlers, and promoters. There's also some classy footage of another famous gal, Marie "FiFi" Laverne, as well as Bonnie Johnson, Debbie Johnson, and Vicki Williams.

A great find for fans of the old days, before Vince took wrestling away from the fans and made it a corporate enterprise.

About 79 Minutes, Not Rated

Original VHS tape in case and back-up DVD
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