Maris, The Chojo (VHS)

Maris, The Chojo (VHS)

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From master storyteller Rumiko Takahashi, the creator of Ranma 1/2, comes a hilarious sci-fi comedy!

A survivor of the doomed planet Thanatos, Maris, with powers and abilities six times greater than the average Earthling, fights the scum and villainy of the future as a member of the Special Space Police. In fact, she must wear special restraints to limit the destruction her powers can cause... because she has to PAY for the damages!

Maris is assigned to the case of Koganemaru, the son of an intergalactic billionaire has been kidnapped. This may be the chance that Maris needed to become financially independent, as she figures that he'll be so indebted to her that he might ask for her hand in her marriage.

There's just one problem. The kidnapper is Sue, an opponent of Maris from her days as a wrestler...and she's out for revenge. After causing Maris to crash, she heads back to her highly-adored base, where she meets her fellow kidnapper.

When Maris catches up again in an even more broken down rocketship, she and Sue engage in a lengthy and brutal winner-take-all wrestling battle... complete with high-tech ring!

About 50 Minutes


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