All The Marbles (VHS)

All The Marbles (VHS)

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In a career going all the way back to assistant director in an Abott and Costello film, Robert Aldrich, a 50-year veteran of the film industry, ends with this 1981 classic of women's wrestling, "ALL THE MARBLES." It's hard to believe the man who brought us "The Dirty Dozen" and "The Longest Yard" worked hard to produce a nearly believable version of women's pro wrestling.

With Peter Falk as manager Harry Sears, Molly and Iris (The California Dolls, portrayed by Lauren Landon and Vicki Fredrick) seek fame and fortune as tag-team wrestlers. The gals are good, but Harry knows they have to be better to take on the tough opponents who stand in their way. Just how tough is made clear in their matches against a variety of ethnic opponents. The story goes that Lauren and Vicki did ALL their wrestling for this film, no stunt women were used for their matches. Which makes for great close ups of their getting battered!

What appears to be a cross-country adventure (including a stop-off for a good old fashioned carnival mud wrestling event) finally culminates at the MGM hotel, where the Dolls must face the Toledo Tigers (Tracy Reed, Ursaline Bryant) in a Rocky-like showdown (with paid-off referee Richard Jaeckel).

About 113 Minutes • Rated "R"

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