DVD136 ThunderGirls Theater Vol. 25

DVD136 ThunderGirls Theater Vol. 25

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Brooke vs Luscious Lee

Please welcome the return of BROOKE, an equally luscious young lady, with less training but a LOT of enthusiasm and determination to represent ThunderGirls in our time-honored tradition of beautiful girls and intense action! Here we bring you a best 2 out of 3 fall match, and the girls get more intense as the battle progresses. Brooke is slow to warm up, being cautious of the years of experience that give Lee a clear advantage. But Lee might get a little TOO cocky, something the beautiful brunette is sure to capitalize on.

We'll tell you this, the battle DOES go all three falls, and you'll see a beautiful sleeper finish, as well as one of the most torturous arm-wrenching submissions we've ever seen in the ThunderGirls ring.

Luscious Lee vs Cherokee

While CHEROKEE can come across as the big-bad woman, the truth is Luscious LEE learned how to fight at an early age, and while wrestling was an acquired skill, she can more than hold her own against a bigger opponent. So it looks like the scales are balanced in this event... part wrestling, part brawling, part catfighting. But we CAN say it's 100% exciting, as these two go after each other like you've never seen them go before. It's mean... it's sexy... it's pure THUNDERGIRLS!

Becca vs Luscious Lee

We call it "Old Schooling," because their work by and large is like a trip in a time machine, working great throws and holds (Lee REALLY likes working over Becca's arms!), ankle locks, headlocks, scissors... it's a cornucopia of classic wrestling action.

The girls take their time trying to pin each other, being certain they're delivering a full measure of punishment. And yet it is a sudden reversal of a pin that becomes a VERY cool submission move and earning an unexpected victory for a battered and weary Thundergirl!

NTSC DVD • About 48 Minutes


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