DVD135 Exquisite Thunder Vol. 2

DVD135 Exquisite Thunder Vol. 2

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The MOMENT Josie & April stepped into the ring you could feel the electricity in the air. We don't know if there was some history between the two, and we DIDN'T ask! But the way this match went down, you can BET there's some history now!

Josie has been really working on fitness for a couple of years, so taking on a legendary fitness model really didn't impress her. In fact, before the match gets underway Josie makes it a point to show off her abs, making sure Ms. Hunter is aware of her chocolate sculpted body! April refuses to take Josie seriously, letting her know her own abdomen is far more toned than Josie's.

These points made, the match then moves on to a blend of wrestling and abdominal attacks, as first one girl then the other takes control, finding unique ways to punish her rival's gut. The action is hot and heavy, and stays that way until one of the boasting beauties is locked into a shoulder separating double-arm hold, with the added threat of more belly punishment! A reluctant verbal submission, and a match we won't soon forget.


Out of the ring, Sin-D could pass for an attractive teacher, bank clerk or office manager. But IN the ring, she could only pass for a trained, armed-to-the-teeth competitor who prefers ONLY to leave the ring when her opponent has been THOROUGHLY defeated, often by a thrashing NO ONE will soon forget. And then there's Hellena Heavenly... a little more even tempered (at least compared to Sin-D!) but just as tough, just as methodical in the manner she works over her opponent, just as trained, and JUST as BENT on taking the victory!

And speaking of BENT, that seems to be what the girls do the most of to each other this time... really working each other over, clearly going for a submission in their application of Surfboard, Camel Clutch, Boston Crab, Over-the-knee Backbreaker, Bear Hug, and (of course) much, much more. The victory only comes when one girl has had enough, yielding to a kneeling over-the-shoulder back stretching hold!


AJ Sparx and Jenelle Sinclair are old rivals, up and down the east coast. AJ learned long ago that she gave up a height advantage, so her strategy is to try to keep her opponents down on the mat, where height and leverage are equal. But what works for one, works for the other, as Jenelle shows AJ she can mat wrestle just as well! Watching this video you may get the feeling that Jenelle has HAD IT with AJ, and really wants to put the little gal in her place once and for all. (The choking, the kicking, the stomping, all seem to support the theory!) It's a pin that brings the match to an abrupt but decisive ending!

NTSC DVD VIDEO • About 48 Minutes


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