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We celebrate our 100th DVD release with another great all-girl show from ThunderGirls & Heartland Wrestling Association.

AJ SPARX vs NEVAEH: Professional wrestling isn't just a sport for the big and brawny, smaller athletes can compete and be just as exciting to watch. And this is made evident when the wrestlers are popular AJ Sparx and Nevaeh! Both girls can wrestle a very scientific match, but AJ's patience wears thin in a hurry. A pin finish that wouldn't count if the ref had been looking.

FANTASY vs STAR: Two very lovely gals in a spirited match with enough back-and-forth to keep you guessing who'll come out on top. Finally something akin to an off-the-top-rope bulldog stuns a gal enough to make her an easy 1-2-3 pin finish.

SIN-D vs SUPER J: Here's a match that's sure to please. Lovely and skilled Sin-D and Super-J do NOT seem to like each other. It's a battle that's part wrestling, part brawl, but 100% exciting. Some great holds and punishing wrestling finally comes down to a SLEEPER finish.

KARA KILDARE vs ODB: What can we say about this match? Big girls, big action! Kara, still new to wrestling, does not back down from powerhouse ODB! The brawny brunette knows she has to punish Kara, but still the farm girl keeps coming back.

VANESSA HARDING vs HELLENA HEAVENLY: There are none to come along more glamorous than Vanessa, but she can hold her own in wrestling too, as many a girl has found out. Hellena has no respect for most opponents, and it's not likely to change with Vanessa! Reversals galore, great mat wrestling, action on the ropes too. It couldn't end any other way... one of these lovelies is forced to submit!

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